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Therapy is like having a coach or instructor for the game of life. Getting feedback from a coach or instructor is valuable when we are learning a skill such as baseball, dancing or art. We value and learn from the coach’s objective opinion and we grow in our sport or area of skill due to the honest and direct support.  

Developing competitive skills in a sport without a coach is very difficult. We can’t easily watch ourselves and see what others see. This is true for who we are in the world too. All of us struggle to be objective when it comes to reviewing our ideas and behaviors.

We ask friends and family, “What do you think about…?” hoping for an honest response that will help us stay on track.

We question our decisions and wonder who we really are.

We allow others to tell us how to live our days and sometimes resent that person later.

We sometimes feel like a fraud and don’t trust our own decisions and thoughts.

We don’t feel good enough in situations yet others will tell us how wonderful we are.

Therapy can help with these thoughts and feelings using tools rooted in current understandings about how our mind/brain works.